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10-year-old Oklahoma boy injured after firework explodes on him

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A 10-year-old boy from the Oklahoma City area is now home from the hospital after being treated for burns from a firework explosion.

The family has asked that the boy not be identified, however, his grandfather reached out to Nexstar’s KFOR and sent photos to warn others of the danger.

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KFOR spoke to the boy’s grandfather over the phone. He says his grandson bought four “Barrett M107” fireworks products. Out of the four, two of them malfunctioned, with one injuring the boy, he claimed.

Shirt damaged after fireworks explodes. Image courtesy KFOR viewer 

Firework that injured 10-year-old. Image courtesy KFOR viewer 

Eva Fair works closely with sparklers at Fireworks Warehouse in Oklahoma City.

“Be careful,” she warned. “Sometimes something might go wrong and have a big explosion.”

The owner of Fireworks Warehouse, Kent Herzog, recommends only adults use fireworks.

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“Yes, we want kids to enjoy fireworks, but we want the adults to use them,” Herzog said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, meanwhile, estimated that fireworks were the cause of 10,200 injuries in 2022 alone — and that only includes injuries that necessitated emergency room visits. A total of 11 deaths were also attributed to fireworks that year, the CPSC said.

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