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How To Write A Radio Commercial

Over the years advertisers have found that commercials that contain most, if not all, of the following FIVE elements get better customer response. Just fill in the blanks to each one of the elements below, throw in some adjective and verbs; and you’ll have a radio commercial that gets results. Let’s get started!

What’s your theme? ______________________

It can be a holiday [like Valentines or Labor Day]

or a sale [like anniversary or clearance]

or a season [like back to school or spring.]

Up to three items What are you offering for sale? ________________ Be specific. Not bicycles, but 26 inch boys and girls 10 speed bicycles. Not dresses, but all floral print spring dresses.
How much does it cost. $______________ Price your offer. Not percentage off or dollars off. The actual price.
This is almost always a limited time or limited number. Be specific. We hear “limited time” and “limited quantities” all the time. Have you noticed that Amazon includes how many items are in stock when quantities are running low? Some of the other online stores are doing the same.

What steps do customers need to take? _____________________

Tell listeners what to do to take advantage of your offer.

I’ve heard auto dealers say, “Bring your trade and the title.”

That’s it! Fill in the blanks. Through in some adjectives and verbs. And you’ve got a radio commercial that will get results.

Email your commercial to and we’ll record it and send it back to you.

If you don’t want to mess with adjective and verbs, email us your answers to each of the five elements and we’ll put it together for you!

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