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Did the Bowie ISD bond pass?

MONTAGUE COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Montague County voters had another chance to approve the $65.8 million Bowie ISD bond package after it failed to pass in November 2023.

YOUR LOCAL ELECTION HQ: Bowie ISD board again seeking to pass $65.8 million bond in May

A majority of voters living within Montague County voted against the bond, titled Proposition A, on the ballot.

FOR Proposition A: 477 votes or 26.68%

AGAINST Proposition A: 1,311 votes or 73.32%

Bowie Superintendent Blake Enlow said the bond is necessary for student safety and proposed it for the May election after shaving about $4 million off the original package.

According to Bowie ISD, the bond will provide a brand-new campus for 600 students, renovations for the current intermediary campus, and facility upgrades to meet or exceed TEA safety and security guidelines.

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