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Did the Henrietta ISD bonds pass?

CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Clay County voters had the chance to approve a Henrietta ISD bond that would if passed, provide new classrooms and athletic facilities.

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The bond was separated into Propositions A and B, totaling $36 million if both passed.

Proposition A allows the district to spend $35 million constructing new school buildings and purchasing new equipment, prioritizing classroom additions.

A majority of voters living within Clay County voted for Proposition A.

FOR Proposition A: 309 votes or 65.74%

AGAINST Proposition A: 161 votes or 34.26%

The second portion, Proposition B, allows the district to spend $1 million to renovate and improve athletic stadium facilities.

Clay County voters voted for Proposition B.

FOR Proposition B: 309 votes or 64.78%

AGAINST Proposition B: 168 votes or 35.22%

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