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District 30 candidates Brent Hagenbuch, Jace Yarbrough eye spot on November ballot ahead of runoff

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The May runoff is right around the corner.

After a neck-and-neck Senate District 30 race in March, Brent Hagenbuch and Jace Yarbrough were the top two candidates of the four, an outcome both expected.

“I’ve already proven to them that their needs come first, before the needs and wants the politicians down in Austin,” Yarbrough said.

“We have this continue to talk to people about it. We’ve got stronger and stronger, and I’m very confident of how things are coming through as we move toward the end of the race,” Hagenbuch said.

As runoffs typically bring low voter turnout, Yarbrough said he’s leaning on his grassroots campaign to send voters to the polls.

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“That’s certainly [an] advantage to us in this race. Runoffs are not so much about persuading people away from your opponent to your side, but persuading people who already voted for you to come out and vote for you again,” Yarbrough said.

Meanwhile, Hagenbuch is emphasizing his extensive resume and endorsements from Governor Greg Abbott, former President Trump and others.

“I’ve been fighting for our cause for many years,” Hagenbuch said. “I think this has to do with people seeing—many people knowing that work with me, mayors and others seeing—my record of leadership.”

Both said top issues heading into 2025 remain border security, property tax cuts and water security for the western portion of the district.

“Some issues that are particular to [the] western part of the district. I want to be very attentive to those, but also want to say in general, if you want somebody that’s going to go and represent you, the people of Senate District 30, I’m absolutely your candidate,” Yarbrough said.

“Wichita Falls is really well positioned to be a major logistics hub for the whole country,” Hagenbuch said. “The economy of Wichita Falls and other areas understand the local issues and opportunities need to work on for it, for the citizens Wichita Falls.”

From early voting on May 20 through the runoff election on May 28, voters will select a Republican candidate for November.

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