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Hirschi High School remembers legacy with closing ceremonies

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Summer is getting closer every day, meaning schools are almost out. For many in Wichita Falls, the season isn’t starting out quite as happy as it could be.

As summer draws near, students, faculty and alumni reflected on HIrschi’s past with a closing ceremony to mark its place in Wichita Falls history. It was a somber day for Hirschi students and alumni.

The closing ceremonies marked the end of Hirschi High School as we know it and set the stage for the next school year when Memorial and Legacy High Schools will host Wichita Falls youth.

Since 1962, Hirschi has taught generations of Wichita Falls youth. Don King, the only All-American to play at Hirschi, has been there from the beginning.

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“This is my basis. This is where I learned the lessons of life,” King said. “I was in the first class that started here with Coach Stiles and Coach Largin and that first batch of Huskies. And we didn’t even have a practice field. We went over to Coyote Canyon in our cars. We drove over there every day to work out, and then we finally got our football field here.”

Wednesday’s flag ceremony was the last time the colors were lowered at Hirschi as a high school. The memories of one of Wichita Falls’ three major high schools will live on in its students and alumni.

Logan Parrish, a math teacher and former athlete, graduated from Hirschi in 2008.

“I was heavily involved in theatre, choir, band, football, baseball. Played a little basketball. I have nothing but good things,” Parrish said. “The four years I spent here played a huge part in who I am today and the kind of person I am.”

Yvette Castillo graduated in 1989 and came back to Wichita Falls in part because of her time at Hirschi High School.

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“We’re just one family. We continue to be a family. And that’s what’s important to us. That’s what brought me here today,” Castillo said. “I wanted to see my family and that’s something that doesn’t go away regardless of if the school closes down.”

The Huskies of today will build the base for the Mavericks and the Leopards of tomorrow.

Though the closing ceremonies were on May 15, Hirschi still has class until school officially ends on May 23. The last class of Huskies will graduate a day later, on May 24.

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