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KFDX celebrates Founders Day of Caring by giving back to Faith Refuge, Museum of North Texas History

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For nearly three decades, Nexstar stations across the nation have been celebrating our founding day by giving back to the community.

Here in Wichita Falls, KFDX and Texoma’s Fox employees spent the 28th annual Founders Day on Friday, June 14, volunteering at local nonprofits Faith Refuge and the Museum of North Texas History, doing everything from painting walls to cutting grass.

“Wichita Falls Faith Mission has been in Wichita Falls for about 70 years, serving the homeless and the addicted,” Faith Mission CEO Steve Sparks said. “We provide Christ-centered programs and services that lead them to self-sufficiency. We provide overnight shelter, three meals a day, and clothing, and we also provide a 13-month addiction recovery program for men and women.”

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While at the shelter, crews took to repainting the women’s dorms and beautifying the lawn.

“Today, KFDX has been gracious enough to come out here, and they’re talking to the girls and asking them questions and showing interest in their lives, and that helps the girls feel like they’re not alone,” Career Academy Teacher Charlotte Echols said. “It makes them feel like, ‘Hey, people still love and accept me and want to take care of me even though I have a past.”

Over at the Museum of North Texas History, KFDX crews helped with the heavy lifting.

“My staff and I and the board are just so grateful for [them] just selecting us to be able to come out and help because it definitely helps us,” Jeremy Davis, director, said. “We achieved in two hours what would’ve probably taken a month-and-a-half to do with just our three-person staff.”

As this day of service came to an end, one message held true: Nexstar’s Founders Day is a special time for us to honor and uphold the legacy of its founders by making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

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