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KFDX tries yoga as trend rises across the US

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KTL) — Yoga is an exercise that promotes mental and physical wellness through the mind and body.

According to data from a Center for Disease Control report, adults in the United States practice yoga more frequently than ever for health benefits such as pain and stress relief. The study adds that one in every six adults said they actively practice yoga and that around 80% of those people are doing so to improve their health.

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Many people haven’t tried yoga because they think it’s “only for women” or that “people must be incredibly flexible.”

Owner and Studio Director of Balance Yoga and Barre Carson Ford wants people to know that while a yoga course may be a different kind of experience for those who frequently do other activities at the gym, it can be very simple for anyone looking to ease pain and stress.

“Yoga is a mind-body discipline that combines physical exercise with mental, with mental focus and mental stability,” Ford said. “And so combining the two in combination with deep breaths, it really brings a specific kind of wellness to the body that no other forms of exercise can bring.”

Ford added that Balance Yoga and Barre has devised an eight-week beginner series, offered periodically throughout the year, that takes people through eight different, really simple concepts of yoga practice one week at a time.

For more information about sessions, workshops, and events at Balance Yoga and Barre, visit their website.

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