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Man going back to prison after short stay outside bars

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who was on parole and out of prison only a few months before being arrested again for new charges of assault of an officer and evading is going back to prison.

Matthew Drullinger of Wichita Falls was charged in January 2023 with the assault, evading arrest and two counts of possession of controlled substances.

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He pleaded guilty to evading arrest, and the other three charges were dismissed. Drullinger was sentenced to four years in prison, his second sentence in less than three years.

Drullinger also has motions against him for reportedly violating parole in Texas and Montana.

While evading an Electra police officer police said he rammed the officer’s car.

In November 2021, Drullinger was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing several vehicles in Wichita Falls while the owners were inside stores paying for gas.

All the car thefts happened in about a month’s time at three 7-Eleven stores and a Stripes.

They came to an end when three men saw him taking a truck from the Stripes and followed him, then tackled him after a foot chase.

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