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Man with nearly 100 arrests charged with sexual assault of teen runaway

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man with almost 100 arrests since the mid-1980s is now jailed after a 16-year-old runaway came forward with information about alleged sex acts committed on her in February and March 2024.

Adrian Larone McGowan Sr., 57, is charged with sexual assault of a child and two counts of possession of child pornography. He is jailed on $250,000 in bonds.

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According to arrest records, a Wichita Falls police officer was already investigating an alleged sexual assault of the girl by another suspect in May when he learned of separate the allegations against McGowan.

This information came during forensic interviews of the girl while she was receiving treatment and counseling in a drug rehab center in Cleburne.

She came forward with allegations of multiple instances of sex acts by McGowan at an apartment in the Sun Valley Apartments.

She said she had run away in February and was looking for a friend’s apartment when McGowan came to her and asked if she needed help, and told her she could stay in his apartment. She said while staying with him in an apartment he shared with his mother they would do drugs and have sex in the living room when his mother was sleeping.

She said he gave her drugs—marijuana and cocaine—in return for having sex, and that he also recorded sex acts, and told her if she ever left him, he would share the videos with other people.

After receiving the information from the interviews in Cleburne, Wichita Falls police went to Sun Valley Apartments and found the apartment the girl described. They said McGowan answered the door and invited them in.

Officers said an air mattress on the living room floor matched the girl’s description.

When asked about a runaway having stayed there, officers said McGowan said he knew exactly who they were talking about, and that she had been invited to stay there a few days by his mother and denied ever having sex with her or using drugs with her.

McGowan said the girl once told him she was 28 years old and another time she said was 19. Police obtained a search warrant for the apartment and seized several cell phones and a consent form from McGowan to search the phones.

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Officers said the search of one phone turned up videos of the victim and McGowan engaging in sex acts and photos of the two in the apartment.

McGowan’s arrest record goes back to 1986 and includes numerous arrests for assaults and family violence, violations of probation, contempt of court, and a hold on a federal charge.

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