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Millions suffering from chronic hearing loss could soon find relief

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A major technological breakthrough could soon relieve the suffering of more than 50 million Americans with a chronic condition that causes hearing loss.

A big technological breakthrough could soon bring major relief to folks suffering from a chronic condition with no cure.

More than 50 million Americans have tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears that often leads to hearing loss.

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There’s no way to stop it, and there are few known therapies until now.

Ireland-based med-tech company Neuromod Devices has invented Lenire (len-ear).

The device helps to fight tinnitus by training the brain to ignore the ringing sounds, combining sound stimulation with an unusual feature. Electrical impulses to the tongue!

“The tip of the tongue is very, very sensitive to stimulations and basically the electrodes, which is on the tongue piece, stimulate. It’s like dancing on the tongue,” Hearing Loss Solutions Audiologist Cohen Shahrzad said

Lenire is the first tinnitus-fighting device approved by the FDA.

The combination of sound and electricity weakens tinnitus pathways and changes the brain’s neural network through sensory input.

“Over time, your brain really starts ignoring those sounds more,” tinnitus patient Jeff Matchan said. “Your brain kind of reprograms those pathways and you won’t hear it as much or it might even go away completely.”

While dual-mode stimulation, as it’s called, isn’t a cure, the device’s inventor says it represents a big evolution in what doctors thought was possible for tinnitus patients.

“We’re all working toward a cure, but what Lenire is is a significant step forward in terms of the standards of care.” Neuromod Devices CEO Ross O’Neill said.

In a recent clinical trial, 95% of patients reported improving their tinnitus symptoms.

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