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Oldest operating rural hospital in Texas, Olney Hamilton Hospital, soon getting facelift with new facility: National Hospital Week 2024

OLNEY (KFDX/KJTL) — Even after more than 110 years of service to Young County, Olney Hamilton Hospital continues to make big strides in its growth.

It’s a method that has stood the test of time.

“If you put quality patient care at the top of everything you do, that’s typically a successful formula,” Olney Hamilton CEO Michael Huff said.

For the oldest operating rural hospital in Texas, excelling in pain management, wound care, and everything in between is second nature.

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But the service Olney Hamilton Hospital staff prides themself in the most is that of their neighbors.

“We know every patient and every family, and we know what those patients and families are going through,” Family Nurse Practitioner Brandie Daws said. “I enjoy coming to work to be able to share those days with our patients.”

Caring for residents with three main facilities and even a clinic in Archer City, Olney Hamilton certainly has much to show for its renowned care. The hospital boasts three national quality awards, low employee turnover rates, and wellness center usage by 20% of Olney’s population.

Now, though, Olney Hamilton is getting a facelift as construction on a brand-new hospital kicks off in early 2025.

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“I think that the hospital has been very successful working in how it is with the current facilities, but I think it’s going to be great to have a new modern facility,” Nurse Practitioner Rachael Creel said. “It’s going to bring in a lot of people.”

“It’s going to be a very convenient in-and-out. If you need to come in and get blood work, if you need radiology, if you need an infusion, if you need an injection, it’s all right here,” Huff said. “When you walk in, it’s close.”

Big-city treatment with a small-town feel is right down the road, making strides in the world of rural medicine.

“I feel like the patients and families that are able to receive those services where they don’t have to drive out of town, and they can be closer to their families, and they can be closer here to receive those services,” Daws said.

“We have two major industries in the area with Air Tractor and Tower Extrusions, and, you know, sometimes that comes with injuries,” Creel said. “Rural medicine and having a hospital in the rural setting is very important because a lot of times, you need medical care no matter how close you are to the city.”

While the outside may look a bit different in the coming years, the heart of Olney Hamilton will always stay the same.

“You’re going to get great service when [you] come here. We have the best staff that I’ve ever worked with,” Huff said. “We have good staff, they’re happy, they take good care of their patients, and so when a patient comes here, they know they’re going to get a very seasoned, tenured staff member that really has the passion to take care of the patients. That’s what it’s all about.”

As Hospital Week 2024 continues, Olney Hamilton staff are invited to a fish fry on Friday, May 17, to celebrate their daily dedication.

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