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Tilt Studios addresses concerns regarding medieval painting on putt-putt course

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After opening just two weeks ago, the new Tilt Studio inside Sikes Senter Mall is facing backlash online after a picture was posted that allegedly resembles former President Donald Trump.

The mural appears to depict a man, who some claim strongly resembles Donald Trump, about to face decapitation.

Several people have posted on Facebook their opinions of the medieval-themed putt-putt course inside of Tilt, claiming the mural appears to show Trump about to be decapitated by an executioner.

While some online comments found the painting to be humorous, others found it derogatory. Meanwhile, other commenters said that even if it’s not depicting Trump, the image is still too violent for a family entertainment establishment.

Numerous commenters on Facebook share their opinions of the mural.Numerous commenters on Facebook share their opinions of the mural.Numerous commenters on Facebook share their opinions of the mural.

We have reached out to Tilt for a comment on the painting but haven’t received anything back.

The sign displayed outside the putt-putt course on May 16, 2024

On Thursday, May 16, our crews visited Tilt and found they had placed a sign outside of the putt-putt courses that read, “Some people find the medieval golf course inappropriate for children. Although this course is a cartoon depiction of medieval times and is not intended to represent any person, living or dead, Tilt Studio suggests that you play Mori’s Galactic Golf Course if you are playing with children.”

The sign displayed outside the putt-putt course in the same location on May 15, 2024

It is unconfirmed when that sign was posted.

When our crews visited Tilt the day before, May 15, there was no such sign at the entrance.

In the same location as the “warning” sign, there was a different sign that read, “Please do not enter course without purchasing a ball and getting your club at the redemption counter.”

In the photos first released of Tilt on March 21, 2024, prior to its opening date of May 3, 2024, the wall in which the alleged “Trump painting” was included in the photos sent to our station, but the same imagery is not visible.

The original photo of the mural, released by Tilt on Mach 21, 2024

This is a developing story. Stick with Texoma’s Homepage for updates as more information becomes available.

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