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Top 100 national ranking once again comes to Wilbarger General Hospital: National Hospital Week

VERNON (KFDX/KJTL) — Right down the road, you’ll find great things are happening at Wilbarger General Hospital.

“We are what I call a big-little hospital, and what I mean by that is we’re a rural, smaller hospital, [but] we do some pretty big things here,” Wilbarger General CEO Tom Siemers said.

Serving the almost 12,000 residents of Wilbarger County and then some for over 55 years, staff new and old rave about the high-quality care that’s stayed consistent.

“It’s going to be the same thing that they do at any wound care center across the country, whether it be, you know, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas,” General Surgeon Dr. Robert Brown said. “We do the same exact treatments.”

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And the choice care you’ll receive upon stepping through those doors has never been clearer, as this is Wilbarger General’s second year in a row being rated a top 100 rural hospital in the country.

“The key to most orthopedic injuries is getting it done right away,” Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Comley said. “If somebody falls and breaks their hip, that’s an extra ambulance ride, 45 minutes down the street and a lot of discomfort. So I’m able to see them and take care of everything right here.”

To others, the top-notch tech combined with comfort is an undeniable standout.

“Some of these wounds… people have had them for years, and just spending, you know, just a couple of weeks in the hyperbaric chamber, those wounds have healed,” Brown said. “And people actually enjoy going in here. We can turn it on to Netflix and you can watch your favorite show. Some people enjoy going in and just kind of checking out.”

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But across the board, it’s the individuals themselves that make Wilbarger General a top choice for quality care.

“The people here are just incredibly dedicated, not just to the hospital but to the community. What I find here, there is a certain level of commitment and dedication that people bring to this,” Siemers said. “Being selected for national awards like this is a good indication of the level of commitment of people that you’ll find here.”

“It takes a lot more than just one person to make this happen,” Comley echoed. “Everybody, from getting your insurance verified whenever you come into the nurses and the techs in the O.R. who are helping care for you throughout the whole process, [goes] above and beyond.”

Whether you’re taking a stroll down the fitness trail or are due for a 90-minute wound care session in the hyperbaric chamber, patients can rely on one thing every time.

“It’s the people that make the difference. Yes, we have a wound center and some really sophisticated technology that allows them, the surgeons, to perform their surgeries,” Siemers said. “But it’s the people that make the difference, and you’re going to find, I think, top quality health care and you’re going to find top quality people that work at this hospital.”

Combining the science of healing with the art of caring.

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