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What will happen to high schools’ memorabilia with move to Legacy, Memorial?

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As the new school year approaches and high schoolers eagerly await their new facilities, some are left wondering about the fate of the three schools and the memorabilia that remains in them.

In May, the WFISD Board voted to name the 2025-2026 middle schools as Hirschi, Rider and Barwise. But, those plans exclude Old High.

As of now, there are no immediate plans for the Old High building until district officials receive solid plans to fix major areas of concern, including the two wings of the building, according to Superintendent Dr. Donny Lee.

According to Lee, the board has yet to decide if they want to use Old High in the future, and if so, for what?

“Next year, Rider’s not being used either, so [neither] Wichita Falls High School nor Rider will be used as schools,” Lee said. “The plan is to renovate Rider, so next year, they’ll be making sure that the lighting is good with LED lighting, good painting, ceiling tiles, flooring, all of those things so that when the kids walk into Rider Middle School, it’s been refreshed and repurposed.”

With students moving out of the three high schools and into Legacy and Memorial, where will the old memorabilia, such as championship trophies, murals and more, go?

“These iconic pieces of memorabilia, a lot of those are going to go inside Memorial and Legacy High Schools as you enter the building. There’s going to be a tribute to the past as we move forward to the future, so those pieces are going to be either in there or in our Wichita Falls Library or something like that that’s going to preserve them,” Lee said.

As far as choosing which memorabilia will go where, Lee said they’ll just divide them up and evenly split them amongst both schools.

Lee said there’s also an idea for a potential auction for individual awards that are still in storage.

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