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Wichita County auditor responds to critics and stories

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita County Auditor Cheryll Jones has responded to numerous complaints and issues revolving around the alleged slow payment of bills, paychecks and fee disbursals.

The controversy has been cropping up in county commissioners court meetings the past several weeks, and recently, the county posted the auditor’s position as “open until filled.”

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Jones’ email statement responded to the comments by a visibly upset Tax Collector-Assessor Tommy Smyth in Tuesday’s meeting on April 30, concerning the city’s share of a fee his office collects.

Smyth said a City of Wichita Falls representative has inquired twice about why their share of the fees has not been sent.

Jones said this child safety fee went into effect January 1 and is no different than any other fee collected in the tax office. She said the auditor does not disburse any revenue that comes into the tax office and the city’s share was audited and returned to be disbursed by the tax office.

In reference to a story KFDX aired on alleged late payments of dental insurance premiums, Jones said it was not factual and based on half of the information, and all dental insurance bills are current.

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Our attempt to reach out to Jones for an on-camera interview was unsuccessful.

You can view Jones’ entire statement online or below.

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